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> The following link is to a CIA

Oh, please! I was talking about *REAL* intelligence agencies such as MI6, Mossad and the FSB (KGB).

They knew Saddam had nothing left. But Bush ignored the Brits and the Israeli's got off on the idea you'd kill Saddam for them so they kept quiet about it.

I know US media has been censored (or at the very least brought very one-sided news) but you have Internet. This stuff was all over the news in the rest of the world.

It's not the first time the US government thinks they know better than the Brits.

> Explain the jump in oil prices if we went in for oil.

Prices haven't changed much in Europe.

The high US gas prices are the result of speculation and perhaps some gouging... You do know that Bush's buddies are the ones selling the stuff to you, right?