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Originally Posted by Bubbarossa View Post
Hmmm..first time i've heard that xbox has been having lots of problems. Did they buy them when they first came out? No problems with mine, had it about 8+ months. It's noisy, but not near as noisy as my laptop when i'm playing WoW!

I'm fairly certain PS3 had problems and might still be having problems, i'd check it out before purchasing.
wow really? 360's have been breaking down like crazy, no matter when you bought it. Even the new Elites have problems.
Comparitivly speaking you really dont hear anything about Ps3's breaking down.

My friend's Ps3 is soooo Quiet its amazing, even under heavy load. I think i might get one in fall when Warhawk, MGS4, Heavnly Swoard, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank come out. The Blu-Ray player is a HUGE plus esp since it seems BD is going to win the format war.

Still gonna keep the 360 though for Halo 3.