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Originally Posted by mikewads View Post

Nissan upgraded the launch control for MY2012. It is now covered under warranty.
AFAIK every LC is under warranty - except for the original 2009 LC1.

A free software update converts 2009 LC1 cars to LC2 cars, so everyone's launch control is under warranty.

Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
i started researching about the GTR and the dealer being an ass about little things you do on the car. i didnt mine the maintenance and was going to pay the extra maintenance insurance from them to avoid the hassle but, hearing from actual owners that had modded the car or having to do a launch the car and right away your car is voided? thats the only reason why i had to backed the fawk out.
Really depends on the dealer.

From personal experience :
- One dealer threatens your warranty because the tread is low (eyeroll).
- Another dealer I see heavily modified cars (i.e. double stock power) getting warranty service.