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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
The President being a baby kisser and reading to 5th graders is PR bullshit and only became popular this last century. You think presidents in the 1700 and 1800 gave a shit about that stuff other then when they were campaigning? hell no they didn't, they were too busy running an massively expansive country.

it wasn't till our country filled up with a bunch of whiney bitches that put their hands into the pot without putting forth any work that like a picture of the president wasting a day reading to 5 year olds that will hardly remember or even care that they met the president that day.

personally all I care is if the president has an educational plan to bring our school up in line with some of the better nations. not that he's reading to kids, I don't give a damn. maybe he should be there reviewing the teacher/school to make sure they have their shit together.

is Trump a great idea for president, who knows. you can argue that was Regan a good idea, a actor, for president. I just want a president that will stand up to the bs, not be afraid to kick some ass and straighten out this damn country before it's too late. Trump may be able to do that. the country needs to be ran like a hard nosed business for a minute, then we can have our baby ass kissing, agenda pushing, hippie president back.
I think the main point I was trying to make is that there are personality traits that I feel every President should have. A family man? I could give a damn. I'd rather be Clinton getting my dick sucked in the oval office, but I do believe that having a humble, likable personality definitely helps to close deals that work in our favor. As both a political and international figure, I believe the President needs to express this type of demeanor. Behind closed doors, however, I hope he bends everyone over and does work.

It's funny that you are entertaining the idea of Trump as President. At this point I wouldn't care if it was Charlie Sheen as long as the job got done. Maybe he does have what it takes.
All in all EVERYONE knows that things really need to change or our generation, as well as future generations, will be set up for failure.
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