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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
My 2c

I'm not sure if they should get away from their roots as much as embrace them and expound upon them. They have always been the more business oriented phone, and from my experiences they are still the best at it. I do see much room for improvement in BBOS but compared to IOS and Android, IMO it is still the best from a pure productivity standpoint. Granted I don't have much extended time on droid but that should be changing soon as I'm going to be using a droid simultaneously with my BB. If people want a phone that's "acceptable" for making calls, emailing, and is very good at websurfing, app running, etc... there are plenty of phones that do this brilliantly...BB will just be another clone in an already populated market. If BB focused on it's business first mentality, expanding the OS to include as seamlessly integrated productive/utility type apps as their calling/emailing/texting is (most of which characterized as such on my iphone were hardly productive), they would maintain their productivity edge, while invariably opening themselves up to "non-critical" functions such as web surfing.
I think we're saying the same thing, given different parallaxes. They do need to keep their business image, but their stout refusal to adapt to the other aspects of modern smartphones is what has them in the bind they're in now. They've finally decided to develop a real OS, adopt a webkit browser, and take the blinders off, so-to-speak. The truth is, while BB is productivity-centric, and very good at it, they can only fall so far behind the curve in other areas before it's not enough to offset their shortcomings. They are doing the right thing now; the only question would be whether or not it's soon enough.