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George Tenet on Meet the Press -- WOOOWWW!

WOW is all can say.
This admin dragged this country to the bottom. What a shame for a such a nice country and people...

I could not believe that:
1) All he kept saying is "We believed..." this and that and all is cool. Is it really possible that because "we believed" in something wrong it is cool to invade a sovereign country, kill whoever we want or whoever does not obey the occupators, destroy the whole country, risk our lives, spend all this money, and much more... Just because some dumb asses believed??? Milosevic, for example believed in something wrong, but he was demonized in the end. He did not kill anyone personally, neither did Bush, but they both ordered. Milosevic propaganda and marketing sucked and the is why he's where he is and his former people are still suffereing. Bush has a strong propaganda, he calls his victims "colleteral damage" and his ass is covered...

Is it possible that no one will be responsible for completely destabilizing the region, invading a sovereign country, killing more than ONE innocent person, and so on???

2) CIA admittedly knew that SH had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, but somehow it slipped into Bush's speach in January 2003. It was taken out of his previous speach in Cicinnati. Tenent admitted he had no time to read Bush's 2003 speach, therefore was left in there...WOW

3) Intel -- admitted that Brits and the US had the same source of intel --wrong. Only Brits and US!!! French, somehow had the realistic and correct intel and refused to join. How is that possible???? Does anyone really believe in that???

4) All -- Bush, Chaney, Powell CLEARLY say in their speaches a few things (Speaches from October 7 2002 - invasion):
- PROOF that SH is heavily tied with Al Qaeda (later proven wrong)
- PROOF of WMD (proven wrong)
- PROOF of trying to obrain U from Africa (wrong)
- PROOF of building a nuke (wrong)
A "proof" is a word not needed to be proven -- like never, or always, or... WHat kind of proof they had if that was all wrong??? How could they LIE to AMerican public and the World???
The World read the liars clearly (that is why such a great support for the fiasco), unfortunately the American public did not, therefore...

WOW, all this makes me sick and ashamed...

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