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Originally Posted by Lagunae92 View Post
I have had a plethora of rattles, but the main persistent and most noticeable one is from my headliner. It is more of a creak when torsional stress is put on the car. I have removed the rear deck and taped the back vent, taken off the 3rd brake light cover, C pillars, and nothing has really helped. I unscrewed the back part of the headliner and put some tape up there on some pieces that stick out, and also put the screws back in less tight. Seems to be a bit better, but it really comes alive when the car has been sitting in the sun. It then gets better as the cabin temp and pressure comes down. I have a B-pillar replacement coming, as there was a broken piece, and hopefully this is a part of the solution.
I have the same sort of thing going on. Mostly whenever I pull in and out of my driveway and the car is not on the flat surface it creaks.

I just posted a thread about rattles and didn't even see this one. Long week.
I'm getting tired of all of the plastic creaking while driving.

Most apparent that really showed up today was something with the drivers side door pocket. I need to take it in for that, as well as the plastic lining the underside of the drivers seat.
Also having lots of little rattles in the dash area when going over bumps. Its not so much a rattle, but more of a sound of something that just hits something else.
But its TERRIBLE when going over brick pavers. And this is my car that is lightly driven every day until the weekend comes and only has 1800 miles on it.
Love the car and wish my OCD wasn't this bad.
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