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Originally Posted by SchlauCow View Post
were the cops also 4'2" 75lbs? I guess I could see that, then. I mean, he is 8 years old after all lol... but i guess it would simply look bad to just run up to the kid and slap the fat off his face (probably the best course of action).

this is from a study for the nypd:

The Patrol Guide advises officers to avoid using pepper spray against persons who appear to be in frail health, young children, women believed to be pregnant, or persons with known respiratory conditions.

and one can read further the studies which corroborate the above conclusion that pepper spray's effects are more deleterious to children than adults, and thus more likely to cause more long term damage.

The bigger question: why is the mom defending such crappy juvenile behavior from her crappy son?
'Avoid' does not mean 'you can't use the stuff.' I personally wouldn't recommend using pepper spray on the young--unless they are going to really, truly try to resist STRONGLY and maybe get hurt in some other way, and/or hurt someone else in the process. The average 8-year-old such an 'avoid' recommendation was designed for doesn't behave like this; This twirp is a mean, nasty little customer. All bets are off when you exceed the 'norms' of a recommendation.
In this case, it worked. Junior lived with no permanent harm, no cops got injured, and his momma got her 15 minutes of fame. All's well that ends well.