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Originally Posted by BMWinNorthdakota View Post

an 8 year old kid is not hard to subdue... you might get a bruise or two.. perhaps a cut.. but there really wouldn't be any real danger. Wtf do you expect as a cop???
Can you explain why the officer should have to get hurt? What precisely did he do wrong that he needs to get beat with the stick and possibly cut because a little brat won't listen and is trying to hurt people.

That attitude is precisely what's wrong with the world today. Good luck - hope everyone who thinks the officer overreacted gets a kid like that of their own...or perhaps, better yet, gets a kid like that after them and then "subdues" them and hopefully then gets sued by the parents for not having special training to deal with their little brat.

Seriously - this bugs me. I wish the officer did a little more, really teach the kid a lesson. What is lacking in society is corporal punishment nowadays - and we're all reaping the benefits of that by having little (and now grown up) idiots running around, knowing nobody can do anything to them, even if they are misbehaving.