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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
yes, i read the article and watched the video. it does not matter what he said or did, pepper spray is NOT a way to deal with the situation like that. by your logic, it would also be OK to use a taser, if he said that he deserved it?

my god, a kid with a stick!!! how fucking dangerous!!! HE WILL KILL ALL OF US!!!
are you serious? he is 8. 1 adult can subdue him. no need for pepper spray.

you can always handcuff a little fucker like that to a light pole for everyone to see.

How many of you have ever been pepper sprayed by cops (not some over the counter pepper spray)? Do you KNOW what it feels like?

Also most of you here are talking out our your ass. Until you get your own kid and know anything about raising them, STFU.
Please, I am sure you would be that same person that said the cop shouldn’t have attacked the poor child. The mother would have said that nobody should have laid a hand on my child, and there would have been a lawsuit. Jesus Christ the country is getting raped but p*ssies and attorneys.