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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
8 year old kid deserved to be peper sprayed? Are you fucking kidding me?

NO 8 year old deserves to be pepper sprayed. There are other ways to deal with little shits, but its definitely NOT pepper spray
He had some sort of sharp stick or something. Don't blame officer much. It does sound a little extreme because the kid was 8 years old, but that was probably one of the best course of actions the officer could have taken at the time. I'm sure officer tried to reason with the kid first. You read what the kid said in response:

“Come get me, f-----,”

End of the day kid has irritated eyes and no one was hurt (non psychological damage). I think the kid scared the other kids more than he himself was hurt/scared. He held 7-8 kids + teachers hostage with his hostility. Personally can't think of many options where I can ensure less collateral damage than this scenario.