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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
These would be all-new M models so BMW is pretty much free to decide which layout to go with. An M3 or M5 on the other hand is already known as RWD cars, thus an AWD option is something I'd call a surprise.
Agree these would be a surprise, but I think that an M3GT AWD would also be a surprise. I just think there is a lot of room for interpretation in Biermann's words, and we shouldn't read too much into them.

Unless I can take your somewhat uncharacteristic passion for such a mundane topic as some indicator that you may indeed know more facts than are currently public here.

I also doubt there'll be M-variants of the GT models at all, but that's a different story.
SCOTT seems to think there is a good chance for an M3GT. May I boldly predict that if such a vehicle arrives, it will come with AWD. That would put a nice tidy wrapper and bow on all these rumors.

True, but then again, there are AWD versions of the E90 and E92, so there seems to be a need for AWD outside of the SAV buyer demographic.
Yes, though BMW positions the XDrive system for these cars as one for utility and tends to pitch them as such. Granted, when marketing XM5/X6M they sing a slightly different tune. adding the performance aspect into the equation. Sure, BMW can change this strategy going forward also. We shall see. I think the soon-to-be-dearly-departed RWD M3 sedan has a much larger market than a would-be AWD M3 coupe, so I don't see why all the cause for investment in this and the change in focus. Like I say, I am skeptical.
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