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Originally Posted by Bavarian III View Post
I was not impressed by this. Sorry. Not saying the Ferrari sounds bad, but this video did a horrible job of capturing its essence, and didn't support your argument in the least. The video I posted was a straight pipe V10, which sounds amazing, and I still say it sounds awesome; even, dare I say, close to an exotic.

That driver probably didn't even bring it past 5K rpm. C'mon dude.
That was the best video I could find that showed the difference in when the valves are closed and when they open up. Don't get me wrong, some of these vids that people are posting of the M5's exhaust I have never seen and have slightly changed my perception, but I still feel as though the eisenmann m5 and many other exhausts lack the substance in the sound. The Ferrari when the valves are closed is on the same level as a straight piped BMW V10, and when they open up, just take it to the next level.

I can't really identify what causes it, something about the flat crank that makes the BMW V10 sound "ricier" per se. I think the carrera GT has the same kind of crank but the sound is much shriller and has more substance behind it. Anyways, the M5 still sounds great.