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On an unrelated note, Capital One recently took over a local branch of banks who I've been banking with for a while now. I've hit a few annoyances during the switchover, but nothing really major, until my card's magstrip got scratched somewhere. I tried using it at several stores and it wasn't getting read, so I decided to get a new one.

I stopped at a CO branch, and told the teller that my card wasn't being read. The teller then went to poke the branch manager and told him I'm having issues with my card. The branch manager then flips out and is like "We can tell you your current balance sir, but we won't be able to tell you why your card has been blocked"... I'm like...ok, I didn't realize my card was blocked, it's just not being read.

The guy then checks, ofcourse it's not blocked, and then starts grilling me. He asked me when it was that I last used it, then tells me that i've paid for things since. I was like, yes, I ordered pizza online since, and I remember my card details. I have no idea why this dude went into this fucking crazy gestapo mode, but he was really getting on my nerves. Then he was like...You know, I have no idea why it wasn't working for you, I don't see any attempts to charge it on your history.

I figured he was derping a bit, so I'm like...yeah...the card is scratched, it wasn't read in the machine, why would it show up on your system. And if it did, why wouldn't it just charge it then? My assumption that this guy was a bit derp was incorrect. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, really proudly, "we can see EVERY transaction you make". I was like...Ok there, oh Seer of the Small Consumer Banking, I'm gonna roll. Switched to PNC, loving it.