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Originally Posted by infinitekid2002 View Post
Ethics and business don't always mix; and his track record suggests the same. Now i do agree with a lot of what he says but he's not a serious candidate because of his past. What he will do however is stir up debate and expose a lot of the BS that will be flung around by both i think his involvement will ultimately help things. He wont be afraid to say what the Republican candidates are afraid to say, even though they want to say it.
Ah, I re-read this. I still agree 100%. I misunderstood before.
I like the fact that Trump is voicing his concerns. If he was a smart man, he'd continue to do the same thing until his show ends and decide not to declare. Soak up the spotlight, voice your opinions then GTFO. If he practices any sort of self-observance, he should know that his personality cannot offer the traits that the President of The United States must portray.

Sorry, I can't imagine Trump going up to a little kid and/or reading in schools.
Can you imagine? "And here's how I became a billionaire...Now here's a a dollar. Run along!"

Hey, maybe that's what we need, though? The President should take care of business. Let the VP do all of the charity work!
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