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Originally Posted by AlpineSwift View Post
Somehow I very seriously doubt he did this. It reads like a typical twisted media story. If he, his wife, and his kids are still walking and having fun together in public, it's obvious that this whole thing has been pumped up to be more than it was.

Well I disagree, just because they are staying together means nothing.

Previously, he has used his newspaper column to condemn other high-profile men caught in sex scandals.
After Formula 1 chief Max Mosley had successfully claimed in court that his privacy had been infringed by reporting of his adultery with prostitutes, he said: "I am appalled by the implications of the Max Mosley outcome. Here is a man who thinks, 'I won't work this afternoon. I'll go to a flat in Chelsea where five prostitutes will check my hair for lice'."
He concluded: "I am allowed to write about whoever I want. But if anyone writes about me, I'll stick so many lawyers up their a***s they'll be able to turn a Vespa round in there."
He was equally scathing about previous sex scandals: "It is also important we know that David Mellor was dressing up in a Chelsea kit while s****ing some floozy and John Major was bathing with Edwina Currie.
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"If a prime minister can't keep his pecker in his trousers, then how do we know he can't keep his fingers off the button that fires the Tridents?"

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