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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
I am not sure what system your car is equipped with, but if your car has those silver speaker trims around the front mids and the rear mids and tweets, then you have this system. Very rarely have I seen 335i's (non-US cars) with this system, the ones I have seen on here have been Individual cars, so odds are, this is not the same system you have.

The S-vol thing as someone else mentioned, I have yet to be able to replicate their explanation, that turning the S-vol higher eliminates the muddy sound issue at lower volumes. I have listened very carefully for this and cannot replicate this issue, not in my E92 or the many others I have been in with the EPS. I still recommend that the S-vol setting be set at the lowest setting of 1.

You are absolutely correct, the internal EQ of the iPod must be set to OFF, and the volume limited must be OFF. I think I mentioned this in the original post as well.

That's not what I said or implied...

S-volume at 4... eliminates the muddyness when the volume is automatically increased.
The only way for the volume to be automatically increased is at speed (S-Volume cannot be turned off), and to increase the volume it has to be first at low volume.

In other words, S-Volume can help with the muddyness only at speed and higher than the nominal/low volume, which pretty much confirms what it is already known: this system is designed to sound better at higher than nominal/low volumes.

The S-Volume only helps to get rid of the muddyness a little bit faster while driving, but it will do nothing with the muddyness at low speed/low volume conditions.

This system is just muddy at low volume by design.