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Yeah, we don't need a businessman in office forever, I'm moderate as well but I know as well as anyone that Obama means well.....but you can;t spend trillions in a recession. Sure, the bulk of US citizens (and mexicans) like to see he's spending money one them and that might prompt them to spend more pocket money somewhat stimulating the economy...but the upper classes see him not "spending" money but "pissing money away."

35.8% of US citizens pay in come tax. That leaves 64% who don't.

Want my frank opinion? If you haven't paid taxes in the last 5 years you should have no say in who leads this government. Late taxes are ok, thanks to the system being THAT fkd up, but if you get exempted from funding the government then you shouldn't be able to ASK FOR FUNDS you don't help pay.

This is why I'm the #1 fan of flat tax. There is no way around it. Even drug dealers and pimps will have to pay taxes... And then the tax attorneys and CPAs would be out of business...boohoo. With a comprehensive flat tax every single fiscal issue will be solved in 5 years, max. We could afford a trillion dollar "free insurance for everyone" program and still have money left over for energy R&D and road/bridge/dam restoration (more "shovel ready" jobs).

But, the lower class feels that something on that scale would cripple their budgets. Why? Oh, that'ssssss right.... They don't pay taxes as it is so ANY tax big or small would "cripple" their budgets.

As a US Naval officer I feel sickened by the people I serve and protect, this should not have to be said. America is a disgrace, and needs economic reform and social dis-reform badly.