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Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
Yeah, we gotta have a good businessman in office. Not a man with no business experience who is GUIDED by multiple businessmen.

Example, Dick Cheney, VP. NO ONE would ever dare to stand in Cheney's way. Ever. Halliburton is a massive company, some would say evil.....I say productive. THAT is what we need right now.

He personally over saw the first gulf war with great success under Bush Sr. and helped Bush Jr. kick ass over in the sandbox again. Unfortunately today's warfare ethics dictate we re build what we blow up (screw that).

Point is most of America hate businessmen, but hate always stems from jealousy. They have what most of America doesn't (money and brains). We need a hard nosed bastard like Patton who takes shit from no one to strong arm the lobby groups out of the way and establish a stable foothold for our economy to springboard off of. NO democrat is currently capable of doing that. Catering to the lowest socio-economic class has got us no where (re: Obama moma) so let's ditch the spare weight and get something done.

As much as I am a moderate, I believe that if you look at the majority of successful businessmen in this country they tend to be Republican. Obviously this seems stereotypical, but there is a reason as to why this would prove to be true. Money managing, business saavy, ball-busting motherfuckers. The only reason I didn't vote for McCain is because of his pro-war stance, and well, because yeah...the guy's a fool. However, its obvious that military experience would be beneficial if used responsibly.
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