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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
If it's shit, then people won't buy it. I've never understood that pirate mentality. "They don't deserve to make money on it because it sucks, so I'm going to pirate it because...I want to play it?"
Sadly, this is not true.

At a time when few computer games produce demos BEFORE they are put on sale, coupled with clever or smart marketing and boredom of the individuals in their targeted market it is very easy for a poor or lack luster game to still sell well.

The opinion expressed in your post is not a reason/justification 'to' pirate. Piracy is just a by-product of that point of view. What you've quoted is just how someone whose played more games than I'll ever care to admit to feels about current games coming to the market. There are many game studios now that I've never heard of with no credit or history. Some of these studios come out with truly great games but most do not.

However, they all equally want me to spend all my money on their products. Buying a $60 (since they felt so compelled to increase the standard price per game) game that has less than a 40 hour single-player and filling the rest with multi-player (read: free to develop filler content) is a waste. Games like Torchlight did it right where the price was low because they know what their product was. The value of Torchlight exceeded the price.

Regardless, the issue of piracy won't be solved in this thread over the internet. Which is why I'm not going to touch debating it's merits. This is not to say that I am currently an active and heavy pirater of media. It's been a while. However, I'm not against it as that is the ideal situation for the internet to exist in. When it is easier to get a game via piracy than it is to buy it outright, then there is a problem with the system. And as a whole the market needs to adjust, adapt, and use the system to their advantage instead of trying to beat all their potential customer's into submission.

This is also an issue with the MPAA and RIAA. But that is another topic.