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Oil the service manager bought you comes out of the "service policy," account, which comes out of his paycheck. You didn't even buy the car from them so why are you so proud of making a stink about it?

I did not mean to indicate I was proud to get a "free" quart of oil. This is my 8th BMW, so believe me these guys have received plenty of business from me.

BMW does not cover fluid consumption. Oil, gas, washer fuid, not covered.

Irritating because all fluids were always topped off by this same dealer under the maintenance warranty of my E46 M3, and I assumed the same for this car (other than gas).

Yes, agreed. It's best to keep a liter with you in case it. [/quote]

Once I got over the irritation of understanding that BMW has changed the terms of its maintenance warranty, $11 ever few months for a quart of oil does not seem too bad...especially after loading it with $70 worth of gas every few days.