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Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
Is there a charge for this? Can I just drive up to the engine bay area and flag someone down? Cuz it would hardly seem worth it if I had to sit in line, wait for SA to do paperwork, then sit in the queue for 2 hrs. A
My local dealer would not top off my oil, until I made a stink (even though I did not buy the car from him). Manager finally agreed to do it once but said he would not be reimbured by BMW NA, so he enouraged me to take it up with them (as he would prefer to provide customers the service they expect)...but he couldn't afford to give away oil he was not going to be reimbursed for. After he added a quart I bought another for the trunk (about $11 after BMW CCA discount), and I am adding a quart about every 4k miles (driving like a bat out of hell most of the time...irritating to buy the oil that I feel should be covered under warranty, but worth the grin on my face everyday I get in the car). Final word of advice,avoid the service line and pony up the $11 when needed