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Originally Posted by RichMattB View Post
Exhaust leak-type sound? Check.

DCT clunk when shifting into N after a routine drive? Check.

Rear shelf rattle? Check.

Whine when decelerating in gear from about 3k rpms? Check.

Does the exhaust-leak type sound ever go away? I've heard that after about 20 minutes of driving before. Waiting for the cats to warm up doesn't seem to explain that...
I can hear what sounds like a small exhaust leak when at lower rpms with heavy throttle if I'm next to a curb or wall. Normal? Not sure. Have I accepted it? Yes.

Also, do you guys routinely shift to neutral before you shut the car off? It's not necessary. When you shut it off (if the key's not in the ignition) it will go to P automatically regardless if you're in D1 R N or 1.
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