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Everybody who's getting these do us all a favor and measure the tread depth and post it along with the size. I suspect that's where 90% of the claimed "increased life" is coming from. Michelin's website says they're molded at 10/32" throughout the lineup instead of 8/32" and 9/32" for the PS2 rears and fronts respectively, except for the OEM super sport 599 GTO sizes molded at 7/32.

So, if they're molded at 2/32" deeper than the PS2 for the OE rears, they're gonna last 25% longer even if the rubber comes off at the same rate, which I suspect it doesn't since they're supposed to be better in the rain and dry which says softer compound to me

So, lasts 15-20% longer than PS2 because you get 25% more rubber, and 5-10% better performance from a more wearable compound. Would love to see coast-down figures but either way it sounds good to me for 20% less moolah...

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