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Originally Posted by brizzom View Post
When you run into another M3 driver in socal, they are either thinking

1. nice.. another m3!
2. fuck you i got it first!
lol I'm no. 1, I was excited to see another M3 in the same neighborhood as me 3 years ago, so I waved at him. Fast forward 3 years later, and he still deliberately looks the opposite direction whenever I wave. A bit stuck-up no? He could at least smile back or something.

sensi09, that is indeed GMR. I used to go up there a lot when I was younger, tooting around in a Toyota Camry Solara. Nowadays, I go up there to cruise as a sort of relaxing therapy session after a hard week, if I need it. I've only been once in my 2011.5 M3 though.