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Congrats Mike!
Car looks fantastic and extremely clean! Great numbers for your first mods too! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with this beast!
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My thoughts exactly...amazing
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BEAST mode! Congrats and on the upgrade!
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Congrats on the new Purchase man! Look forward to seeing more over at NAGTROC!

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Sorry whats this thing about voiding warranty? Can someone explain? Isnt this same with any car? If you modify the exhaust you void the warranty only for that part, or is it the whole car for nissan? If its just the exhaust, are you really expecting them to honor the warranty for a part thats been modded?
It's really the same with any manufacturer. If you up the boost with a tune or add power adders it will void the drive-train warranty. The GT-R got a bad rap when they first came out because in order to get those incredible 0-60mph times (3.2 seconds I believe) you had to turn traction control off and if the DCT broke during the launch then Nissan would not repair the transmission under warranty. The 2012 GT-R does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds with traction control on, so it is covered under warranty.

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I loooovee the 12' GTR. It set another benchmark. I was just hoping you'd get that ESS cars 1/4 down a little bit more!
The DCT in a supercharged M3 does not work well at the drag strip. I ran a 10 with no burn-out, so I'm happy with the time.

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So where's the ESS E9X now?
I tried selling it with all the mods, but did not have any luck. I returned the car to completly stock and it drove just like the day I bought it.

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how does the fit and finish compare to the m3 for daily use?
I would rather have a supercharged M3 as a daily driver. The GT-R is like a street legal race car and it gets a lot of attention. It's a rougher ride and "some" of the materials used are not as good as BMW. I drive a company vehicle durning the week, so the GT-R is perfect for me.

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Also I want to know how is the suspension on stiffest setting? forget comfort,how is the ride? any need for coilovers or it is as good as it should be?
It's as good as it should be. The 2012 GT-R had a Nurburging time of 7:24.
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