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Post M3 Noises (What's Normal/Not Normal)

I was thinking it would be cool to have a thread that defined all the noises of the m3 and what is actually happening.

Starting off with when you first start the car there is typically the loud noise that resembles an exhaust leak/old school v8. I believe I read this is the Secondary Air Injection leaning out the cats to heat them up quicker.

There is another noise that typically happens within the first couple minutes that sounds like it's coming from the front driver's side fender. It's almost sounds like a power mirror motor but is only on for about 5 seconds, what is this?

Also, when I came home today after sitting in horrid traffic I parked and shut off the car and it ran for a while. Definitely sounds different from the amp fan in my 335 and you can't hear it as well from inside the trunk as you can right in the wheel well. Sounds like some type of motor/pump. Anyone know?

If you know of a noise and what it is (or if you don't) post here!
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