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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
You have no f'n idea what are you talking about --- the Balkans, so stop being smart and stop reading the CNN, and face the reality. It was the religious and ethnic war -- both sides were slaughtered. In the end -- "Milosevic's Serbia" is a 1/3 of a size it used to be, so...
There were atrocities on all sides but since we intervened on behalf of the Bosnians and the Kosovars, they are the people happy with our involvement, Try to keep up with your own arguments. Remember "Everyone will be happier"?

As for the Afghan women -- are you actually following the latest developments???
More closely than you ever could

Kurds -- how many dead over 20 years of Saddams rule -- let me exagerate and say 100k. Still a small chunk as compared to the "colleteral damage" caused by the cowboy in 5 years...
You are wrong on both counts. The number of Iraqi, not to mention Kurdish, civilians who have died as a result of US military strikes does not come near 100,000 while Saddam condemned well over 1,000,000 of his civilians to death.

It was always tense, but China was willing to compromise.
The compromise is over as soon as we screwed up the things...
So, launching missiles into the Straits was the compromise?

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