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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
Wait - what 8ohm units? The SWS-8s come in 2 or 4 ohm
I def want to get a D-Class Amp ...i just dont know which one will give me the best result.
1- SWS-8 (4ohm) in Stereo with an Alpine D-Class 2x150w
2- SWS-8 (2ohm) in Parralel with an Alpine D-Class 1x300
Or what else...?

Wow ... i didnt know the OE underseat subs were set between 200-250hz ...that explains alot. How would I change the crossover output from the OE Amp with just an additional Amp and a LOC from Technic?
I'd go stereo on two 4ohm loads(my bad on the 8ohm comment)

Here is trace speaker level output of the subs and a mic'd RTA of the system with no subs.
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