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you don't like clear visors?

i love how easily it is to see out of a clear.

mind you, i can't put my visor up without my eyes pouring out water.... so i just stick to sunglasses and a really light tint.

I have a helmet with a clear visor, but it has a drop down shield on the inside, so it looks tinted, but isn't a pain when it gets dark (little switch on the side)

I have another helmet with a yellowish/slgihtly mirrored tint (it's a Suomy helmet though, and it's just nuts, so the yellow is the simplist thing on it.)

and i have another really simple one with an opening face as well as the visor, but i never bothered to get a tinted visor for it, the sunglasses work well in it.

I do like the black on black, but if i'm riding and it gets close to sunset, the last thing i want is to pull over and fumble around switching visors.