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boku no namae ha...

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i haven't read everybody's responses... but to me the results will be obvious...

power vacuums often lead to civil war/strife within the country... i mean we're already seeing this now as iraqis have become more and more segregated... they're not only fighting US soliders but also each other, which makes the situation even more fragile.

i believe that keeping US soliders there does not necessarily improve the situation and only delays the collapse of the already damaged region. however any pullout will result in a swift breakdown of government and a rise in chaos. there isn't much of a way out of this mess without people dying... the iraqi people must unify together and want to remain a nation in order to reach stability--without it, their land will simply transform into a safe haven for terrorist activities...

in addition, we must also consider the oil that iraq holds. although some people might think we invaded iraq for oil-who really knows... we must realize that if this region were to become more and more unstable so that the oil could not be extracted, world economies will be influenced--most likely for the worse. gas prices would soar beyond imagination, and our luxury of 3 dollars a gallon would dramatically escalate. the US as it is has pretty cheap prices for gas in comparison to countries in Europe etc...
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