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> I don't want to be identified as "the same as" someone who barely has 30% of people's support in the country he was elected to lead...

You've got guns. Fix it.

> The reasons for the war were clearly explained by the President in a number of speeches,

Bush jr stormed into Iraq for what Saddam did to Bush sr. All other reasons are just excuses. He was out to show that asshole for all the world to see.

Saddam is dead now, but I'm not sure Bush's personal vendetta is worth the lives of so many people.

> I am sure the Croats, Kosovars, and Bosnians that are no longer being slaughtered

There was a lot less torturing and murdering going on in Iraq before it was invaded. Women had rights, children could go to school, people where relatively happy.

If you look at body count and number of people tortured, Saddam was a bastard but Bush is worse.

But, you know, I don't really care. It's your brothers and sisters bush is sending to the slaughter house.