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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Anywhere we put our foot in -- the situation only got worse.
Examples -- Balkans, Middle East, Gulf, NK, Taiwan/China...
Let me quickly clarify the Taiwan/China thing -- I just learned that last week in China. It was all OK (stable you may say) until we fuc*ed up and bombed Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Serbia. And arrogantly said -- well, shit happens. Because of that Chinese gov't said -- OK we'll fu8k now with your aly closest to us -- Taiwan.
The rest of examples are obvious.

In the future, I'd suggest for the USA to actually...NOT ATTEMPT solving anything but our own problems... Everyone will be happier...
I am sure the Croats, Kosovars, and Bosnians that are no longer being slaughtered by Milosevic's Serbian thugs would not be happier. Nor would the Afghan women who are no longer stoned to death for having the effrontery to go to school. Nor would the Kurds who are no longer being gassed or fed into wood chippers.

Your fantasy version of the causes of the current PRC-ROC is interesting but completely contrary to the evidence. The 1995-1996 Taiwan Straits crises was precipitated by PLA missile tests in the Straits and occurred well before the 1999 Belgrade bombing.

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