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Originally Posted by AlpWtE92 View Post
I'd rather not say right now because to me, they have not done anything worthy of complaining yet and they have generally been nice to me. They supposedly are waiting to hear back from their BMW NA rep to get the go-ahead before doing the spark plug change. I will provide an update later.
Just wanted to update on what happenned with my maintenance. So
the dealer heard back from whoever they check with at BMW and they confirmed that I should have had my spark plug changed at 37,000 miles. They also found out that my CBS counter was not correct, and that it should have been at a different count (something about changing it from a "5" to a "3"). They said this is why the service printout did not tell them to change the spark plugs. Because of the service counter reset, they also changed my manual tranny fluid.

The thing that really annoys me is that earlier in this thread, I described how the dealer refused to change my spark plug at 37K miles, telling me that BMW would not cover it and even showing me a supposed notice that said the change is not necessary. This time I insisted that they change it or told them I would contact BMW NA myself, if they didn't, before they agreed to check with BMW to confirm the spark plugs should have been changed at 37K. This is just another example of why you cannot trust the dealer to know what's best for your car, even though they're supposed to be the "experts."