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Allow me to address your mistakes one by one.

Originally Posted by ATG View Post
What a bunch of conservative big brother bullshit! Iraq was the only secular state in the Middle East...
That would be a true statement if only Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Yemen to name a few were not secular states in the Middle East.

...Now, thanks to the unilateral decision of the U.S.,
Another true statement if only the UK, Australia, Poland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Georgia, and dozens of others were not members of the coalition that overthrew the Ba'athist regime in Iraq.

not sanctioned by the U.N.,
Except for UNSCR 678, 687, and 1441.

there is a very realistic chance that Iraq will turn into a carbon copy of Iran -- a muslim fundamentalists country. is that the desired outcome?
No, that is one reason it is imperative we do all we can to stabilize the elected government.

That 200 people were killed 25 years ago does not justify invasion of another country that occurred in clear disregard of the decision of the majority of the U.N. member countries.
Nothing in international law leaves issues of war and peace up to a majority vote in the UN.

G.W. may have wanted to play the role of "exorcist" and justify the intelligence's failures that led to 911 (don't start blaiming Clinton here) or, as one of my friends nicely put it (a republican BTW), Iraq was just a "low hanging fruit" that we could and did grab.
A decision backed by overwhelming majorities of both Houses of Congress.

When will the people in this country stop living by fairy tales and believing that we are the "spiderman" of the world?? Where did that "duty" to invade Iraq come from? Actually, "justification" as you put it, is a much better word, because it's possible to justify almost everything, especially after the fact. It's simple: just put the batman and spiderman rhetoric together, spice it up by the horrific story of what could have happened, and learn to skillfully use words "may," "if," "reasonable belief," "axis of evil," "probable," etc.
This is so unintelligible that I cannot respond. Maybe if I read more comic books as a child.

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