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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Since I'm being called out here by mastek, here's a link and data log for my (hard to believe) claim.

Track/Course: Infineon
Best Lap Time: 1:53
Brake Pads: Rabyestos ST
Tires (Size & Model): NT01 275's F&R
Suspension: AST 4200
Other Mods: Recaro baby seat (baby removed while lapping)

Results found here:,runid,1783990
Do you have a racing line over the track diagram of that lap?
I dont think NASA runs anything but full carousel - so i assume thats what it was right?

If all this is correct - then coilovers on this car are worth alot over the EDC shocks.
I ran a 1:58 (only 2 sessions) with a 3450lbs + Fuel + Driver = 3750lbs - R1 265/285 - AP BBK w Mintex FR3 and FR4 (your Raybestos are better) - 4.10 FDR w 2 Clutch Ramps - and the GC Coil Kit using 440/600 springs on OE EDC shocks (which i believe are the weakest link in this setup).
I had maybe a 1:56 in it since this was my 1st time there.
Your 1:53 puts a 3 second theoretical "shock" advantage over the EDC shocks (which makes sense)

Congrats on a great lap at 1:53
Now lets see those lines on that track diagram, ya
And i assume the ASTs are double adjustable?

I suppose with ur AST c/o kit and those better pads (with the rest of my mods and weight loss) - i can imagine a 1:51
But not the sub 1:50 you claimed possible with this car earlier (unless you drop to 3300 lbs wet and a pro driver)

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