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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
This is one of my favorite dubious arguments:

If you are unwilling or unable to correct all of the world's problems, it therefore follows that you should not attempt to solve any.
Oh, I am sorry, somehow I missed that we SOLVED Iraqi or ANY other World problem lately.

Anywhere we put our foot in -- the situation only got worse.
Examples -- Balkans, Middle East, Gulf, NK, Taiwan/China...
Let me quickly clarify the Taiwan/China thing -- I just learned that last week in China. It was all OK (stable you may say) until we fuc*ed up and bombed Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Serbia. And arrogantly said -- well, shit happens. Because of that Chinese gov't said -- OK we'll fu8k now with your aly closest to us -- Taiwan.
The rest of examples are obvious.

In the future, I'd suggest for the USA to actually...NOT ATTEMPT solving anything but our own problems... Everyone will be happier...