Thread: 760Li for $44k?
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I have a 2000 740 purchased in 03, supposed to be a money pit. Maint. was supposed to be $1k-3K a year and I have never even come close to that in repairs, I have seen $5k+ for others. The price might be high for a non-CPO, Las Vegas has one for $37k/ non-CPO. It is worth less than $44
Yes, they depreciate like rocks but like any BMW it is all about the ride. You do need to know how to fix cars and get into them.

If you have a family and want them to be safe then get the 7 but like the 335 you have to think HPFP in the back of your mind.
Owned 8 years and only one tow- expansion tank. Mine was not made on a Monday.

The dealer near me has a CPO and their cars are pristine for comparison.
* Price
* $45,900

* Exterior: White
* Transmission: Automatic
* Fuel Type: Gas
* Stock Number: 33199
* VIN: WBAHN035X6DD98590
* Mileage: 39,668
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