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Originally Posted by phrogbubbaE92 View Post
Hey guys,

so there i was driving along when all of a sudden my check engine light came on and the car immediately went into limp mode. A few minutes later, the increased emissions light came on. I had just started the car and went around 200 feet when everything started. Earlier, I was romping around a little, but i had the girlfriend in the car so it wasnt like i was winding through all the gears.

The car sounded like i threw an aggressive cam on. At first, i thought it was an exhaust leak, but after i stepped out of the vehicle while it was running, there was no evidence of an exhaust leak. To make a long story short, once drove it to the dealer and after they did a diagnostics test they found that the #4 cylinder wasnt firing at all. They changed the coilpack and plug, and still nothing. After some troubleshooting, they finally got the #4 to start firing (they didnt say what exactly they did). However, once they did that, #3 lost ALL compression.

The dealer (Southbay BMW in El Cajon, CA) said that they were speaking with BMW directly and just waiting on word for what to do next. I spoke with the tech, and he said that it could possibly be bad valve springs.

My question is, are bad valve springs common on '08's? Also, has anyone else had issues like this before? Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Its South County