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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
if vorsteiner products were really 100% carbon, they'll show their entire production process. i think thats the best way to end all doubts.
Already done.

My Tour of Vorsteiner's Manufacturing Process (with Photos)
*This is most likely why the OP felt the need to bash Vorsteiner's rep down a few pegs. Also, Vorsteiner never claims their products are 100% carbon - they claim they are carbon & DVWP, which is exactly what the OP's photos show. Furthermore you can see they use NOMEX in that thread - which is not carbon fiber. Google it.

So, there's that. Click for detailed explanation of Vorsteiner's production process.

In regards to the accusations re: professionalism, I respectfully offer a "PUH-LEEEZZE." You're kidding right? To the best of my knowledge, our company continues to be an exemplar of customer service and respectful conduct on this and about 8 other forums - when there is a legitimate complaint. The OP creates an account and then INSTANTLY posts this thread? You don't find that suspicious?
We offer the same high level of service whether you have 2 posts or 2,000. We don't care. But if you are a libelous (thank you for the correction), lying, dishonest scam artist out to hurt hard-working honest business people and damage their reputations, well, I have NO interest in your business - neither does my company.

To that effect, the OP is, quite simply, a phony. And you all know it.

If there were a problem with the kit, and someone spent $24,000, they would have called Vorsteiner and asked for a replacement - which they would have NO DOUBT received (as people in this thread testified, sometimes parts don't fit right, but Vorsteiner always replaces them free of charge). I doubt their first course of action would have been to have their buddy create an account on M3Post and post photos bashing Vorsteiner.

The simple facts:
  • There is NO record of this customer registering a complaint with Vorsteiner
  • There were NO attempts made to contact Vorsteiner for replacement parts or help installing
  • Photos clearly show the fenders, hood, etc painted flawlessly. Furthermore, this is the car featured at the Tokyo Auto Salon (which, by the way, won the best of show trophy)

To the original poster. I challenge you to post a photo of your "friend's" invoice here. $100 of my PERSONAL cash says you cannot do it - because it's not your friend.

The photo of the invoice must have all EXIFF data, including a geotag, preserved in the file, to ensure integrity. I suggest taking it with an iPhone or Blackberry.

I will not post in this thread again, unless I have the opportunity to post a "paypal payment sent" receipt"

I'm done in this thread. If the OP materializes as a legitimate forum member, someone PM me the evidence. I will draft a full apology and send it with a check or paypal payment.

Thanks to those legitimate customers who have reached out.

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