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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
LMAO....naw I am not "that" type of fan. I "respect" Real but I still want them to lose....does that make sense? And don't get me started on Ibrahimovic (he shoulda stayed with the Italians...ugh)...We shoulda kept Eto'o too...ugh...don't get me started on the things they have done to piss me off over the years...LOL....what I was saying is true though and you know it: Real has a history of throwing money around worse than any football team on the know its true!

p.s. This is all bitterness over the so-called "superteam" of the early 2000's w/Beckham, my fav Zizou, Carlos, Ronaldo, Raul (i am not a Real fan but i love that guy..i call him old faithful), and all the other superstars they had...i mean it was unreal the talent on that team...they should've been blowing teams out left and right....
well, now that you sound like you are not trolling, I can have a good conversation with you!

First, I agree that under florentino Perez, we are really stupid in our spending (on both of his presidencies). I mean, getting CR7 AND benzema was big enough, but Kaka + Xabi Alonso, etc? talk about Spending more than Obama The good thing for us, is that Man. City is making us look cheap as of late! hehehe.

Second, I think Barca is playing some ridiculous soccer right now...just untouchable! So even though I hate them with every fiber in my body, I have to admit they are hard to beat unless you have your A-game and do not get scared.

Third, I wished that their "leaders" would show more class with all the success they are having. Pep is the only guy who keeps a level head and tries to keep humility in that team. Laporta/Rosell talk more sh!t than a brooklyn boxer, and have no respect nor class as "presidents". The whole sprinklers incident with Inter, the constant trolling with Cesc at Arsenal, the pompousness of "we win trophies", etc, is what drives most people crazy....specially Madrid fans.

the good thing is that we face you twice in april, with a very good chance of making it 4 times, and with la liga pretty much in your hand, it will be interesting to see what happens.

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