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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
Recent? Since when is Kluivert, Romario, and Stoichkov recent? It was over 15 years ago??? If any team has millions of people jumping on the bandwagon constantly over the last 3 decades it would be Real Madrid and Man U (sorry guys its true). So like I said as a Barca fan is screw Real Madrid....go ahead and buy all the "top" players like you always do and still don't live up to expectations

I like to think of Barca as more of a fine Cognac than a cosmo (yuck)

I'm sure you guys never "buy" any players, you make them *Cough* Ibrahimovic, Villa, etc *Cough*

I'm sure you always live up to expectations *Cough* Raul & Guti have as many CL's as your entire shitty organization *Cough*

F*ck Bargaylona...Go cry to Ovrebo and have him give you another CL gift

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