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The color on the Concept is Interlagos Blue with the metallic flake removed.

In terms of models like this and the 1M Coupe early prototypes would be constructed using old Press-fleet cars to test what needed to be tested in otherwords drivetrain etc and specific parts.

These cars will end up like other BMW's and head for the crusher when it's use has been fulfilled.

You should read (or post) the entire document , BMW showcased regarding it's Lightweight construction applications as it shows how BMW have moved to re-engineer a selection of parts to be more lightweight and practical for mass-volume production.

The E90 M3 is the car that will showcase what is available now, it is a car which is entirely feasible by today's lightweight standards.
Because the Coupe will be available to early 2013, there will be something similar later , both cars are "progress" this is the 1st gen. and then the Coupe will be 2nd Gen. Both of these cars will become available for ltd production.

The Material Technology car will be a showcase of what is feasible in the future although it will not make production.
Step 1.