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Arrow Lightweight M3 Concept Prototype Spied Testing

Lightweight M3 Concept Prototype Spied Testing
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The exciting lightweight M3 sedan concept which we were given a preview at the special M event in Garching, Munich (photos and info here) last week has now been spotted in testing for the first time!

The lightweight M3 will slot in between the standard M3 and the M3 GTS in terms of weight and power. Some of the weight reduction may come in the form of CFRP hood and seats. If you look carefully at the photos, it appears that the driver seat in the test prototype is a lightweight version, which could very well be the carbon fiber seats mentioned in the directly preceding link. This is unlikely to be the BMW Performance seat as that only comes in alcantara material.

Not much more info has been revealed on the lightweight M3, but its full reveal and details will come at its reveal at the Nurburgring M Festival in June.

For now, enjoy the spy photos and the photos from the M event last week!

Note: The lightweight M3 prototype spotted here appears to be interlagos blue, a different color than the special dark blue paint seen on the concept previewed at the M event, as well as being on a pre-facelift E90 M3 body.

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