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Originally Posted by Kyoshi71 View Post
Agreed, vendors shouldn't ever make accusations against a forum member publically for any reason, other than it just making them seem unprofessional.

I've been around this forum for a while and think that as of late, some vendors have been a little "loose" with their comments. Between this and the Gintani/OE thread, I start reading and I'm like, "I can't believe a business owner/sales rep would say that!" Guys, it's really not a good business decision to publically insult a member of a massively large pool of potential customers (even if you are totally right).
It just shows me that the economy is kicking their ass and their aggresive posts are just signs of frustration.

Vendors: If you ever want to get an idea about real professional conduct on a forum, pay very close attention to anything posted by IND. Those dudes are as good as it gets.
+1 Agreed. Arrogance will never get you customers nor accusing them of being a libeler. Being humble is what makes a vendor succeed. The OP stated his opinion of being Vorsteiner's product horrendous. Opinions aren't wrong; it's the vendors that are wrong for telling him he is wrong for how he feels. Shame on them.

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