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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
I'd take a GT2 RS
To all guys talking about the price - you realize that you are looking at the EUROPEAN price for M3 GTS, which cannot be compared to US prices for other car. Cars are 40%-70% more expensive there. In Europe, fully-equipped M3 GTS is about 20K-30K LESS than GT3RS with moderate options (euro 135K vs euro 160K for Porsche). GT2RS in a comparable set up would be almost double of GTS' price (euro 255,000). How does this comparison makes sense?

M3 GTS is priced somewhere between regular GT3 and GT3RS, closer to GT3. It is an Ok price considering it's a limited edition, confirmed by the fact that they all sold out.

Of course, what BMW should have done is NOT make it a limited edition, price it at 20-25% less in Europe, putting it between comparable 911S and bare-bones GT3 and ship them to US as well at a comparable US price. That would be something I'd consider...

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