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Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
the only misinformation here was the price. but the quality control i dont think it was spot on... yes you did provide photos of the products after being painted from a body shop. but i wonder how many hours it took them to make it right or perfect fit? all im saying cause to be honest i have seen every vorsteiner products out there and for the price its just not worth it. plus they claim its 100% CF... BUT we all know its not. funny how you say there is no defective product anywhere? are you sure about that. i have no doubt that the vors product have nice finishes but we are talking about fitment. TO BE HONEST AND SEEN PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING ON THE MEET, BIMMERFEST, AND MFEST AND EVERYONE THAT OWNS ONE complained that they had to do quite a lot of work to make it work or fit perfectly. is that not defective to you?


dont get me wrong i love all the design. the hood the lip the rear diffuser but to be honest fitment is just crap. sorry but when i got my ///M3 2 years ago the first thing i looked at was VORS until i spoke to people who owns and was planning to buy said that its not worth it... then realized why.
I promise that this is the last thing i will say on this thread. It would be interesting to poll these Mfesters that are "unhappy" and find out who did the installation. I have corrected many supposed defective parts with as little as 5-10 minutes of proper alignment. I would put $100 out to any amateur DIY to come to shop and install and align a OEM BMW front hood or trunk. It takes alot more skill than most think. Alot of so called professional body shops and even tuner shops cannot properly install OEM parts let alone aftermarket parts which everyone knows never ever ever never fit as well as OEM. Think about the companies that make aftermarket sheetmetal parts for the collision industry. They have invested tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars into their equipment and processes and the parts still dont fit. So please give credit where credit is do.

And to clarify im not saying that their parts are perfect but i would say that for all of the kits and parts ive ever worked with, and thats alot, Vorsteiner is definitely the cream of the crop. They are very few that can compare when all things are considered: price, quality, fit, service
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