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Originally Posted by Big Mark View Post
What do you recommend for this? I've also heard that the 2011.5 changed things a bit so the interface people were using is prior years is no longer working. But I might be way off and fuzzy on those details.
The Enhanced OEM amp physically changed by MY2010, removing the 12V and the ground wires from the main 20-pin connector to a separate 2-pin connector. My harness uses only the 20-pin connector and its 12V and ground pins to provide the remote turn on signal (by a signal sensing circuit in the LOC).

Therefore there will be no remote signal from the LOC using my harness in this particular OEM amp. However, the harness LOC still will be safely converting the 30V peak woofer signal into low level signal for the aftermarket sub/woofer amp. The remote signal should be obtained from pin 13 in the back of the iDrive.

Even the "old" OEM amp with the 12V and ground signals in the 20-pin connector have issues triggering the remote signal thru signal sensing circuits -regardless of passive or active LOC. The voltage level at low volumes is under the trigger point of the average signal sensing circuit, which means that this particular OEM amp has a high quality output stage section that outputs almost 0V -no hiss- at low volume.