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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Totally normal... BTW, if you do only a quick check it will take only a "snap-shot", for a more accurate reading have the car parked on a flat surface and do a manual reset.

That's the way I do it (manual reset from the stalk) and the other day I couldn't get a reading. Gave up after 10 minutes of idling in my driveway. Car was fully warmed up after 40 minutes of driving with the oil gauge at 210. This is the second time it happened. First time I finally got a reading once I started driving around, but I prefer the method you mentioned. I'll see what happens today when I drive around. It is a PITA system just to check the oil. Not sure why I can't get a reading parked on a level surface with the manual reset. I've done it before plenty of times and the reading always came up pretty quickly.