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Originally Posted by JayKay335i View Post
I think the most important part is finding a place with their own trucks, and not just a broker. The broker I used was very nice and took care of most things. But first it was "Ohh, he was waiting for another car, he'll be there tomorrow, then tomorrow again". Then once it was picked it it was one story after another and it took almost 2 weeks to ship from NY to AZ. When the car arrived it was covered in mud, hydrolic fluid, and everything else in the world. I literally couldn't see out my windows to drive it into my complex. I was not impressed and I shorted the guy somewhere around $400 if I remember correctly. The contract was a 1 week contract for 1.2k. It took 2 weeks. They broke the contract so in my mind I wasn't obligated to pay the full amount.
which autobroker did you use? man your signature is disturbing. please remove that shit.